Thank you for all of your help.
I am writing to thank you for the wonderful training program you did with our dog Darby. Wheaton puppies are a handful due to their high energy level, but from day one you took control of her in all of our training classes and she responded very well to all of your techniques. After only six sessions, she is truly a different dog. Your experience, knowledge of dog training and well organized program were very effective for Darby, but also for Vicki and me! We had no idea how many things we needed to change in how we were trying to train her, but you patiently pointed out where we needed to make changes in our own techniques.

If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are sold on your program. It really works!!
-Jim, Vicki & Darby – Tahoe City, CA

The difference is night & day!
We can’t thank you enough for the difference you’ve made in Merlin!
Since his board and training with you he’s doing so much better than before. He’s not whining anymore, listens to us now and is just a great little dog.
- Susan, David & Merlin – Incline Village, NV

You have a wonderful gift.
Bonnie and I want to thank you for being a part of our lives. We would never have gotten this far without you. All of this helped me regain my faith in dog training. I loved watching you work with Bonnie to help her become a well mannered dog. You’re terrific!
- Cathy & Bonnie – Kings Beach, CA

Ace K9 is Aces with me! Yer stuff works, lady.
Tami, our English Springer Spaniel, has become a gorgeous young adult.

She minds very well and comes when we call her 99+% of the time. Her behavioral problems are a thing of the past. She’s perfect. Period.
- Gordon, Diane & Tami – Truckee, CA

Puppy class was fun!
We took Ellie our Yellow Lab through Ace K-9 Academy’s Puppy Class and had a great time. Ellie learned alot and had fun too. It was fun to see her excitement when we arrived at class each week. The best thing she learned was COME which she does enthusiastically. Thank you!
- Rick, Leslie & Ellie – Minden, NV

Thank you Sandra for the wonderful gift of a happy, healthy companion.
Sandra and I first met in 2001 while she was taking her two English Springer Spaniels for their daily exercise My recently adopted Springer Spaniel, Charlie, noticed Sandra and went to greet her. As it turns out Sandra had walked my Charlie in the Wylie Animal Rescue Foundations adoption walk during the SnowFest Parade in Tahoe City a few weeks earlier. Since then Sandra and I have become good friends and share our mutual love for animals.

I was so lucky that Charlie’s previous owner had taught her to be very obedient and well behaved but on the flip side, I needed to be trained in making sure she had a healthy diet and proper exercise. Sandra showed me the way by giving me some samples of Life’s Abundance which Charlie took to immediately. It was after that I learned about all the healthy ingredients it contained as well. I was converted. Since then Charlie has lost some intentional weight, her coat is shinny & she’s acting more like a pup with her newfound energy than the thirteen year old dog that she is.
- Jim & Charlie – Weaverville, NC

Board & Train worked perfect!
Toby. my Bearded Collie, needed to learn “drop on recall” to be able to start herding classes so I signed him up for Ace K-9 Academy’s B&T. He not only learned drop on recall he learned alot more! He’s now taking herding lessons and loves when Sandra comes by for follow ups!
- Jean & Toby – Tahoe Donner, CA

Bubba needed obedience lessons before agility.
Bubba, our little Papillon/Chihuahua X, had seven homes before he came to live with us. He was a mess, no manners, barked or hid from everything, tried to bite most things and was a complete wild man. We needed help and hired Sandra to come over for the 6 private lessons package. When I opened the door, I’ll never forget it, Bubba started barking wildly and Sandra turned her head away from Bubba and calmly said to me “we are going to ignore that for now”. It didn’t take long for Bubba to learn “place” when someone knocked on the door and not to bark at everything!

Thanks to Sandra, Bubba has many titles in NADAC Agility and too many “Q’s” now to keep track! He’s a completely different dog!
- John, Pat & Bubba – Incline Village, NV