Your Perfect Dog

For just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine your idea of the perfect dog. Really think about your perfect dog. How does your dream dog behave? Does he sit politely and wait to be petted when greeting someone new and not jump up on them? Does he walk politely on a leash and chew on HIS own toys? Does he relieve himself outside, and ask to be let out when he needs to “go”? Does he come when he’s called even when he’s playing with another dog? When you are having dinner does he lie down quietly and not beg from the table? How about, when the vet examines him, does he stand without squirming? When you go to the dog park does he play well with other dogs? Visualize the dog that is your ideal companion who makes your relationship with them fulfilling. Your ideal dog may not match mine but it’s your dream.

My dogs and I have a wonderful relationship. I expect them to be well behaved yet I also allow them to be dogs. You could say we have a mutual respect for each other. They know their roles and I know mine. Keep in mind; your dog has a strong desire to be your “perfect dog”.

Practicing as little as 10 minutes several times a day you can realize your vision. That is, if you are willing to keep that picture in mind and work towards your perfect dog without ever giving up. I am an experienced dog trainer who can guide you and your dog through this learning adventure. When your dog understands his role in your life you can challenge him and add some tricks to his training. Keep training fun for both of you and you will benefit with a lifetime of mutual respect and an enjoyable companion.

Sandra James, ABCDT

President Ace K-9 Academy
Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer Honor Student 2003
International Association of Canine Professionals Professional Member #1693
AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator/Trainer # 7879
Ready 2 Run Agility Club Member
English Springer Rescue of America Member
BEAR League First Response Team
Life’s Abundance Field Rep #40008848

Training for Basic Skills

Ace K-9 Academy offers dog training for basic skills such as Sit, Down, Come, Stay along with socialization, housetraining, behavior modifications, addressing inappropriate: chewing, jumping up and puppy biting etc plus AKC Canine Good Citizen Certifications.


Board & Train

Your dog comes here for 7 days and six nights for $1,000.00. Additional nights are $50.00 per night and any additional training after the initial week is $75.00 per hour. This package comes with two free 1/2 hour follow up lessons at your home. Dogs that qualify for B&T MUST be able to co-exist with my dogs as this is an “in home” service and must also be crate trained. This package comes with unlimited email/phone consultations for the life of your dog for what we cover during the B&T.

Private Lessons Package

6 one hour lessons at your home once a week is $525.00 less 10% for signing up for six lessons = $472.50 plus travel time. We cover all basic obedience such as sit/down/come/stay/wait/leave it etc. With basic obedience behavior problems generally disappear however, since I am at your home the likelihood of your dog displaying unwanted behavior in front of me during these lessons is a tremendous opportunity for me to work directly with the unwanted behavior. These lessons come with unlimited email/phone consultations for the life of your dog for what we cover in class.

Individual Lessons

In the privacy of your home are $75.00 per hour plus the travel time with a one hour minimum.

Group Lessons

Check our calendar for dates and times.
$155.00 for TC Residents / $165.00 for non-residents.
To sign up – Visit the Adult Programs page here to view upcoming classes and register on line or call the Tahoe City Parks & Recreation Dept. at 530.583.3440 x 10.
All classes are one hour in length and run for six consecutive weeks.

K-9 Pre-School – Puppies 10 weeks (with Vet approval) to 5 months

K-9 Academy – Puppies 6 months to 18 months

These classes help you to educate your dog using Positive Reinforcement & Balanced training techniques. Participants will focus on basic skills, sit/down/come/stay, socialization, housetraining, puppy biting, chewing, jumping up, plus lots more.

The first class is orientation only, please do not bring your dog.

CALL 530.583.3458 to schedule an appointment today!

** Travel time is $25.00 per hour for anything outside of the immediate area of Tahoe City, Truckee and Incline Village.